Parish Council - a Social Experiment

Over the last few years, some of the biggest names on the high street have either closed down or have merged with other retail companies to survive. The way we shop has been revolutionised by the internet.


This is a new venture for Avradel Ltd, and we are looking for a Parish Council within the UK to partner up with.


By working alongside a Parish Council, Avradel Ltd would like to carry out a 'proof of concept' of the combined ideas of the Parish Council and Avradel Ltd.


Please note:

This is a 'FREE SERVICE' for any Parish Council who wishes to work alongside us.


If you are a councilor on a Parish Council and would like further information then please email:




Get social with us.

Have you been flooded in the past? .........Help Avradel create a manual to help others who are in danger of being flooded

'Coming Soon'.....Avradel will be launching a useful guide for anyone who is living on a flood plain or is in danger of being flooded in the future.

Date of launch:

27th September 2017


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