Emergency Services Charities

As the 'emergency services' are very close to the Company Directors hearts, we at Avradel Ltd would like to showcase the charities that are available to help emergency personel in the United Kingdom and abroad.


The launch of the newly designed  CDEN eMagazine will include the following charity

'Call 4 Backup'


This is a police charity to help officers, staff and volunteers.


Email: support@call4backup.org


Telephone 0300 121 0 999



Please share this page if you are a police officer / married to a police officer / related to a police officer or know a police officer.


Avradels aim is to promote small charities in any way we can, especially in all the areas we cover within this web site.


Get social with us.

Have you been flooded in the past? .........Help Avradel create a manual to help others who are in danger of being flooded

'Coming Soon'.....Avradel will be launching a useful guide for anyone who is living on a flood plain or is in danger of being flooded in the future.

Date of launch:

27th September 2017


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