Animal Crisis

    Find Suzanne’s Hedgehog Rescue on Facebook. The page was set up in to log the journey Suzanne is taking in learning how to look after rescued Hedgehogs. To log all the ups and downs that come with these kind of rescue’s. To ask the public to be able to support her where possible whether it be through advice, donations of items needed to continue to support the ongoing care for these endangered little animals.

    That was in 2015 and now Suzanne has a thriving Hedgehog rescue and is doing amazing work rescuing, healing and releasing these adorable hogs, sometimes it is upsetting to see that some of them don’t make it, but Suzanne gives them a fighting chance.

Suzanne would not be able to run the rescue centre without the generous donations from members of the public. There are many ways you can help:

·        Find, like & follow Suzanne’s Hedgehog Rescue on Facebook

·        Then, take a look at some of the beautiful Hedgehog themed items and gifts she has for sale.

·        Donate directly via the link on the Facebook page.

·        Look out for collection tins in shops around the Fenland area.

·       Watch for events in the local area where you can go along and meet Suzanne at her stall and give your donation in person.

·        Pop alone to Morrison’s in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and drop a gift in rescues centres collection bin.


You can contact Suzanne’s Hedgehog Rescue in the following ways:


Telephone: 07866 625263

Facebook Messenger







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