About us

Avradel Ltd is a Cambridgeshire company, based in the United Kingdom where we provide world wide networks services and shared income generation streams via advertising for:

  • public sector
  • private sector
  • charities
  • Humanitarian Organisations

We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our staff will always welcome you with friendly, attentive service.



David Wilson

Joint Managing Director

Phone: 07740 397560

E-mail: david.wilson@avradel.co.uk


Rachel Kearley

Joint Managing Director

E-mail: rachel.kearley@avradel.co.uk


Alex Philpott

Research Analyst & Assistant Editor

E-mail: alex.philpott@avradel.co.uk


Louie Montessor

Marketing (Philippines)

E-mail: Louie@avradel.co.uk



Jenny Montessor

Marketing (Philippines)

E-mail: Jenny@avradel.co.uk


Get social with us.

Have you been flooded in the past? .........Help Avradel create a manual to help others who are in danger of being flooded

'Coming Soon'.....Avradel will be launching a useful guide for anyone who is living on a flood plain or is in danger of being flooded in the future.

Date of launch:

27th September 2017


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