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Since the launch of Avradel Ltd in 2015, the Company has evolved from from being a 'best practice network' aimed at both the public and private sectors within the UK, to being an international network company helping to connect the general public, Charities, NGO's, volunteers and businesses together throughout the world during 'Crisis, Disaster and Emergency' situations.


Avradel Ltd are also helping to promote tourism in countries where the vacationer has perhaps never considered before. As each of our promoted tourist destinations grow and develop then more employment opportunities become available for the people of that country, which in turn raises living standards.


We will be adding new pages over the next few weeks for our projects in:

  • Kingdom of Busoga (Uganda)
  • Cebu (Philippines)
  • Pakistan
  • Malawi
  • Haiti

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News about.......

......Floods & anti-flood products, Homelessness, Returning Home from Hospital, Mental Health, Quentin Orphans, Animal Crisis etc

Latest News

CERT-UK receives an 11th hour lifeline

(2nd May 2017)

Professional musician Darren Sims, from Hull, has been touched by the plight of CERT-UK, and has offered assistance.


Avradel Ltd will be showcasing 'Flood Groups' around the UK and abroad.


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  • Flooding protection products
  • Charity Promotional items

(additional product will be added over the next several months)


Homelessness affects people from all walks of life. We at Avradel want to showcase 'Homeless groups/charities, showing how help can be given.

Returning Home from Hospital

Being in hospital is a stressful time in anyones life, but leaving hospital to go home can be just as stressful. Avradel will be looking at ways to assist the former hospital patient return to daily life

Mental Health

Mental health has become less of a taboo subject and is now talked about openly. We will be covering all types of mental health issues.

Avradel Flood Manual (AFM)

Help Avradel create a Flood Manual to help others in danger of flooding.

Animal Crisis

As animals suffer crisis too, Avradel will be showcasing the work of animal rescue organisation in the UK and abroad.

Avradel Travel & Tourism

Kingdom of Busoga (Uganda)

The Kingdom of Busoga, which many believe to be the 'source of the Nile' sits on the shores of Lake Victoria. There are many attractions within this exciting and beautiful land which includes......

Island of Cebu (Philippines)

The island of Cebu is the undiscovered gem in the South China Sea. British tourist will love the warm welcome and excellent hotels.........

Parish Council

'a social experiment'

In Britain today, villages and town centres struggle to keep their local shops open, due to increasing costs in business rates, retail rental, utilities and village/town parking charges, etc.


Competition with retail parks where parking is free for customers can result in shops closing or relocating from villages and town.


For each shop/hotel/bank or other retail unit that closes then the local economy starts to decline, and if not caught in time it can result in the degredation of villages and towns.


Avradel believes that in order for villages and town centres to not only survive but thrive in todays modern society then there is another way............

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